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Reservations & Inquiries
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About the Salon

Starting with the Te Luce method
Aesthetic Life

In addition...... Hydrating glowing beautiful skin.
In addition...... A supple mind and body.
Its lush beauty from the inside to the total beauty of balanced skin, mind and body, increase with age.
Starts with knowing yourself.
Total Care Salon Te Luce
“Cosmetic material with solid knowledge and skills, choose cuddle heart”From the three of feelings to cherish.
I'm sure that by becoming simple, you can become a woman who stands out for her beauty.
You can feel it.

te luceOwner
宮澤 輝子 Teruko Miyazawa

Reliable technical capabilities
A unique Te Luce method massage that was born only because I face customers for many years.
"Loosening"(loosen)"Shedding" and "Adjusting" These hand techniques take the condition of the skin, mind and body to a high level and lead to deep relaxation. In addition, we will propose personal beauty and health necessary for each person's lifestyle and requests.

Selected cosmetics Brands
The skin care, body care, bath salts, etc. used in the treatment are all in pursuit of products that we feel are most necessary now by facing customers. Choosing cosmetics is not only good or bad, but we also value the story of cosmetics making. We use the latest technology and use safe lines that produce results from natural lines that make full use of the power of plants in the sea and the earth. It can also be used as a home care.

A heart that snuggles up
Changes in the seasons and the environment.
And we are sensitive to the rhythm of hormonal balance due to age. I want to be an oasis where I can release my mind and body that are not the same every day and face tomorrow with a smile. All of us, Te Luce staff, want to continue to be a salon that impresses and surprises those who meet with the creation of a healing space with raw flowers, the heart of hospitality and the technical ability with a spirit of inquiry.

OWNER Owner 宮澤 輝子











Recommended treatments from Te Luce

Aromatherapy Body Massage Treatment

       *120分 ¥25,300(スタッフ価格)
       *120分 ¥31,900(宮澤輝子価格)




HOW TO RECYCLE Collection of glass containers

All containers are made of recyclable glass. Empty glass containers after use are collected in Te Luce as part of environmental protection. Please bring it directly or bear the postage and cooperate with mail.

[Recycling method]
The waste glass collected from you will be reborn as a lightweight firing material called "Super Sol" at a recycling plant. It is composed of soil components and is attracting attention as a material that is friendly to the earth. Taking advantage of features such as light weight, permeability, water retention, fire resistance, and thermal insulation, it will be utilized in a wide range of applications such as civil engineering, greening and agriculture, water purification, and thermal insulation.

Represents the Collection Target (Material) field.
Empty containers made of cosmetic glass
Material: Glass only
Size, color: There is no specific specification
Quantity: There is no specific designation. We will collect even from one.
*In addition to Te Luce's products, we also collect empty containers made of glass containing lotions, creams, oils, etc. manufactured by other company.
* Peel off the label, wash it cleanly and bring it dry.
*We do not collect non-glass materials (caps, inner plugs, etc.). Please bring it with you in the state that you removed it.

Represents the Collection Location (Work) field.
Total Care Salon Te Luce
*Please send it to the following address.
150-0001, Japan
K'sGarden102, 3-36-26 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

RESERVATION Reservations
Q: first time is?
A: The first time, you will have about 30 minutes to counsel, so please come with plenty of time.
(Display time plus 30 minutes)Please note the time include change of clothes and your finish time for the treatment time.

Q: Is there a waiting room?
A: There is no waiting room. If you come before the time of your reservation, we may not be able to provide you with immediate information. Please come to our store at the time you told us on the day of your reservation.

Q: cancellation / change of a booking is possible?
A: you wish to cancel or your dates change according to booking your room and prepare, so if it's 24 hours ago(The day before)Up to please be sure.
* If you do not cancel, contact on the day of cancellation.(Full amount)Please be forewarned so we will charge.

Q: there is something to be prepared?
A: make a return please make-up, etc.. Contact lenses will be care of us off. Also located here is the available storage solutions such as the guests if required.

Q: outfit of the day is?
A: Please come in without hesitation and day attire. In addition, hereby disclaim any responsibility for lost in the salon or stolen forewarned.

Q: in(Allergies, medication use)And Physiology during pregnancy, among them receive treatment?
A: in the hospital and medication you are taking for the pregnant women will require your doctor's permission, so forewarned. Also, during menstruation and who are ill, given the situation, you have various allergies, please refrain from treatment. For more information please contact the staff.

Q: can I pay with a credit card?
A:VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners card is available.

Q: you have parking?
A: When coming by car, parking lot(2stand)Please let us know at the time of booking.

For other details or questions, please contact us in advance.

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Reservations & Inquiries
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